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30 Days of Positive Attraction Day 3 – Mindfulness

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Mindfulness isn’t exactly a Law of Attraction concept, I know. But it is an excellent way of both being aware and focusing. I was reminded of it by tbe book I’m currently reading, which had me giggling over my early-morning coffee in the sun today.

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30 Days of Positive Attraction Day 2 – Telling a New Story

Telling a new story

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Today a friend called me and asked if I would give (they said “lend” but they meant “give”) them some money because they hadn’t received their Social Security payment yet. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

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30 Days of Positive Attraction Day 1 – Pivoting

Today’s process – Pivoting
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“Nothing stands between you and anything you desire, other than your own pattern of thoughts” Money and the Law of Attraction p105

Today I’m using a technique that Abraham calls Pivoting.
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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? Let’s Find Out!

When you read that you can attract anything you want by the power of your thoughts, it seems a remarkably easy thing to do. I guess that’s why most people dismiss it; after all, if that’s all it takes then why isn’t everyone living their ideal life? But if you stick with it and keep reading and learning, you come to realize that one of the most important skills in manifesting or deliberate creation is the ability to remain focused.
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How To Be More Successful While Doing Less

Decades are really useful for one thing at least – they encourage us to look more closely at how we spent the last 10 years and how we’d like to spend the next 10. Something that became a factor for me last year and which features even more strongly now is a move away from “getting as much done as possible” and towards “doing a few things very well”.
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