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How To Be Happy: 7 Ways To Feel Happy Right Now

Happiness isn’t something that suddenly appears in our lives when we have everything we want; happiness is a choice we make in every moment. Sometimes it’s just not possible to feel on top of the world; for example if we’ve just lost someone we love, nothing is going to make us feel happy right now. In those circumstances, probably all we can manage to do is accept how we feel and maybe find a little relief.


These tips are for the times when we wish we felt better and need a quick fix:

1. Appreciate what you have. Nothing new about “count your blessings” but that’s because it really works! If you can, start as soon as you wake in the morning and just look around your room for reasons to feel better. Your comfortable bed, the shaft of sunlight coming through the curtains, the anticipation of the taste of that first cup of coffee – now keep going …

2. Do a little daydreaming. Imagine one perfect scenario and really live it for a couple of minutes – no more than that. This is something you can do almost anytime and it will put a smile on your face and give you a quick recharge when you feel yourself wilting.

3. Go outside or lean out of the window and look up at the sky. Even if it’s grey and cloudy, it’s still a magnificent and magical sight. I especially love a windy day, when the clouds scud across so quickly, with so much energy.

4. Go for a walk. Exercise of any kind is the absolute best way to get yourself out of a funk and a walk needs no special equipment (so no excuses). Even 10 minutes brisk walking with deep breathing will give you a whole new perspective.

5. Listen to the voice in your head. If the story it’s telling is a negative one, then change it. Most of the time we’re not even aware of the thoughts we have “by default”, but they churn away automatically and when we stop to listen to them it can be a big shock to realise just how negative they are. Make a point of tuning in maybe once an hour and making the conscious decision to focus on something happy or positive for a couple of minutes. After a few days of awareness, that inner voice will start to sound a bit more cheerful.

6. Look for the sparkle in every scene. I heard that phrase from a friend and it stuck with me because it’s so evocative. Another way of saying it is look for the positive in everything, but “sparkle” is a word that makes me smile. You don’t have to be a Pollyanna (although there’s nothing wrong with that) but making a conscious choice to find at least one positive “sparkle” in every challenge will make it easier to find a solution.

7. Breathe, slowly and deeply. Breathe in for a slow count of four, hold it for two, breathe out completely for four. Nothing complicated, you’re breathing anyway so why not make the most of it? Deep breathing makes you feel more energised, reduces stress and can even help you lose weight!

The above tips are simple, easy ways to deliberately lift your mood. The more you do them, the more effective they are. Pick one right now and put a smile on your face!

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