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Do Unconscious or Subconscious Beliefs Affect Your Manifesting?

I’m going out on a bit of a limb here. If you start reading up on the Law of Attraction or The Secret, you’ll find lots of discussion about how our unconscious or subconscious beliefs can sabotage our desires. Apparently although we might say that we want a great relationship for example, if subconsciously we don’t believe that’s possible for us then we won’t be able to create it. The theory goes on to say that because these beliefs aren’t conscious we’re not aware of them, and so we carry on blindly and blithely doing “all the right things” outwardly and never realize why we don’t get what we want.

conscious and subconscious
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To which I say … twaddle! (Actually that’s not what I say but I’m trying to keep this reasonably family-friendly) How come it’s assumed that these subconscious thoughts and beliefs are always negative? You never hear anyone tell you to “uncover your hidden positive beliefs” do you? Hmm …

Truthfully, it’s not the unconscious beliefs you need to worry about, it’s the conscious, in-your-face, everyday mindchatter that’s the real reason you’re not getting IT, whatever it is! It’s the thoughts you think hour after hour, day after day, that are the problem because those thoughts are evidence of your vibration. Thoughts don’t create, feelings don’t create, words don’t create – vibration creates.

The big secret that wasn’t in The Secret: it’s the signal you put out into the world that determines what comes back to you. You can’t experience anything unless it’s already present in your vibration. As Abraham puts it, “if you set your radio dial on 630 AM, you can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 98.7″, you can only experience what’s coming from the matching frequency of 630AM.

How do you know what your frequency is, or what you’re vibrating? By the way your thoughts make you feel. Not your subconscious thoughts, your conscious ones – those are the ones that are affecting your emotional state. By definition, if something’s unconscious it means it’s not in your awareness, which means you’re not vibrating it. However, delving deep into your subconscious to find out what thoughts or beliefs are going on there is certainly going to bring those thoughts and their accompanying feelings to the surface – and wham! NOW they’re affecting you and what you’re creating!

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction is so much simpler than most people would have you believe. Not always easy, but simple. If you feel good, if your thoughts are positive (about one topic or your life in general), then you’re attracting towards you what you want. If you feel negative, worried, tense, afraid – again, about a particular subject or your life as a whole – then you are drawing to you things that you don’t want.

If you close your eyes now (well, not right this second or you won’t know what’s coming next, but at the end of this paragraph), you can tune in very easily and accurately to your vibration. You know if you feel good or not! You know if there’s a tightness in your chest or a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know if you feel open, flowing, happy or positive, you know if you feel  like smiling or more like crying. You don’t need to know what your hidden beliefs are to know how you feel.

Positive feelings mean you’re attracting what you want. Negative feelings mean you’re attracting what you don’t want. Once you know how you feel then you know what direction you’re moving in – wanted or unwanted. Your job then is to either continue feeling great, by doing the things and thinking the thoughts that keep you feeling that way, or to stop your negative thoughts by changing what you’re doing and how you’re thinking.

Subconscious beliefs aren’t of course the same as limiting beliefs, which are conscious beliefs that don’t serve you.

Let how you feel tell you what direction you’re moving in and what frequency you’re tuned into. If what you’re receiving isn’t to your liking, it’s not the broadcast that’s the issue – it’s your radio.

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