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30 Days of Positive Attraction Day 4 – Alignment

The fastest way to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be is by making peace with where you are.Abraham-Hicks

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Jim Rohn had a philosophy that has guided my life for many years: “For things to change, you have to change.” He never as far as I know mentioned the Law of Attraction by name, but he was very clear that we have total responsibility for the way in which we respond to events. He had another saying “You can’t control the wind, but you can control how you set your sail.”

When you’re dealing with a rough sea, it truly doesn’t help to spend even 30 seconds justifying why you’re there and how you got there or where you were before. You can only start from where you are and do the tweaking and tuning necessary to get back on course; and then you have to keep doing that tuning and tweaking in order to remain on course.

Getting yourself in alignment with what you want isn’t about doing it once, getting a college degree and then sitting back; alignment is a constant tuning and tweaking, checking if you’re going in the right direction and if not, setting your sails accordingly.

I’m no sailor, but I know there’s a big, BIG difference between having the wind at your tail or directly in front of you. I also know that you can’t suddenly turn your boat 180 degrees in rough seas. However, you can tack backwards and forwards, tuning and tweaking, until you’re making the best use of the prevailing wind.

In reaching and maintaining alignment we do the same thing; instead of the wind we have our emotions, that tell us exactly which way we’re facing.

A few months ago, I decided to take part in an 11 week training program. The goal of the program was to end up with a business making $1700 a month and there were cool prizes for anyone who completed the course.

After the first week, we realised something was wrong; the course was supposed to take 2 hours a day/14 hours a week but the amount of work we were expected to do far exceeded that. For various reason, about 6 weeks into the course 2 friends and I who had joined at the same time decided to cut our losses and pull out. We got refunds for the monthly fees but of course no one could “refund” us for the time we’d spent trying to follow the course.

A few years ago, I would have used that as an excuse for not reaching the goals I’ve set myself this year. I would have got to the end of the year and said “well it wasn’t my fault, I wasted 6 weeks earlier in the year on that course so obviously I couldn’t reach my target.” And I would have kept justifying my lack of progress over and over, allowing that short period of time to determine my (lack of) achievement for the entire year.

Now .. well yes I’m pissed off that I spent that time, but I did learn some things. It taught me that I already know what I need to be doing to earn money, I just need to follow my own advice, get in the right mindset and take inspired action.

Today’s Inspired Action

Make peace with where I am – it may not always be the place I want to be, but it’s where I am so it has to be ok. I can’t change where I am right this second, I can only change where I’m going or the direction I’m facing. And today, that’s my only task.

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