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How to Change Your Life in 90 Days

Sometimes it’s easier to make several big life changes at the same time. That’s what I want to do, and I’ve given myself 90 days to make significant progress in 5 areas: changing my body, my relationship, my social life, my business – and becoming fluent in a new language.

90 day life makeover
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Dating with Dignity has been doing a reality series with an amazing woman called Carolin Bennett, and I’ve seen so inspired by her that I decided to do my own 90 day Life Makeover and change my life in significant ways.

Carolin is being coached by Marni Battista towards a bunch of outcomes she wants to achieve by the end of June. I’m starting a bit later, actually I’m starting this week, so I’ll finish sometime mid-July. I have some outcomes and intentions I want to see happen in that timeframe, which I’ll be talking about and recording here.

Carolin is doing a daily video blog and writing a post twice a week, I believe. It helps that she’s stunningly beautiful (she just can’t see it YET), the camera loves her and she talks to it without a single stutter or stammer. I have no idea at the moment if I’m going to have the courage to appear on camera; I’d like to, just because I’m scared to, so we’ll see.

The five areas where I want to see significant, and specific, changes are: my body, my primary relationship, my social life, my business and progress with learning a new language. While I’ll be talking about specific actions I’ll be taking towards each goal over the next few days, part of my process will be changing my mindset in each of these areas so the actions become less about will-power and more about want-power.

I’ve been investigating a few tools to help me achieve my goals, and I’ll be talking about them along the way. I’ll be pulling ideas from several places as well – I want to look at the best-of-the-best in self improvement and choosing the ones that really help me the most.

I’m starting my 90 day process on Wednesday April 20th and completing it on Monday July 18th. There’s nothing particularly significant about those dates; we started a big holiday here on Monday night, and Tuesday involved a bit of sleeping-in – hence the Wednesday start.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about my specific goals for my body and health and what changes I intend to make, and how.

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  • Karim said:

    Crumbs, that’s brave, trying to change so many things in 90 days.

    I suspect that I’m going to try the opposite (i.e. try to have fewer ongoing projects, to avoid the diffuse attention that seems to be my Achilles’ heel).

    When it comes to diet, I’m a bit of a lost cause. But when I am in the mood to attempt it, I find a daily weigh-in on bioelectrical impedance scales is helpful at keeping me accountable to myself. The scales estimate how much of my bodyweight is fat, putting a percentage figure on ‘too much’. I’ve got two of them, one from Tanita, one from Withings. The latter is my favourite, as its wifi-enabled and can sent my weight to Withings, who graph it automatically online, or on an iPhone or Android app. It can even post my weight to Twitter automatically, though this is not a feature I plan to use prior to Hell freezing over.

  • Isobel (author) said:

    Sometimes it’s easier to make a lot of big changes than the little ones. Really, they’re all about being more conscious of what I’m doing. As for the weigh ins – lol I love that you have such high-tech scales (I have some Tanita ones as well)! Wi fi indeed! :) I wouldn’t mind some that would shop for me and cook my meals – is there an app for that? :)

  • Karim said:

    Marriage? It’s an application (of pragmatism).

  • Isobel (author) said:

    I think that aspect of the marriage app only works if you’re a man :P

  • Fay Whitford said:

    I love your site and your plan. 90 days isn’t very long I wish you luck.
    When I got to the comments section I say a “trackback”. I hate to admit it but I have no idea what a track back is, but I clicked on it anyway.
    I hope it is something good.

  • Carolin Bennett said:

    Hi there! Just came across this blog somehow, and thought I’d check in, one year later, to see…How did it go???

    Hope you achieved more than you expected- it’s amazing what 90 days of clear intention can do.

    Carolin Bennett

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