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Day 1 Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The first thing I’m focusing on for the next 90 days is how I look. I know, how vain and shallow of me when I should be concentrating on the woman within – but how I look matters to me. It’s hard to feel confident when I pass a mirror or shop window and immediately think how frumpy I look. It doesn’t fit the picture of me I have in my head (but that I obviously don’t believe, because otherwise I would look more like it). Can I think myself thin?

image by Galina Barskaya

I live in a desert climate near the sea, which means the beach is always a temptation (and just a few minutes away by cab, 20 mins on foot). I put on weight over the winter and now I’m feeling the negative effects of it. The skinny look does nothing for me, but then neither does the fat look. A size 12 US/14 UK/42 EUR looks good on me and all my clothes will fit me at that size. Last summer I was a size larger than that, and I’ve put on 12 lbs since then, so I’m guessing I need to lose around 20 lbs to achieve the look I want, depending on how much strength training I do. There’s an fantastic, original bikini store here called Blue Glue (or is Glue Blue? I need to check) and my reward is that I’m going to buy myself an AWESOME bikini when I reach my goal.

What Went Wrong?


I know what I’ve been doing wrong. First, I stopped having a green smoothie every day. I actually got out of the habit when my sister was visiting at the beginning of October last year, and I never got back into it. I’ve noticed the effect in several ways: a (bigger) craving for chocolate; poorer condition of my hair and skin; and weight gain.

Following on from that, I’ve been eating a LOT more chocolate (sometimes 3 bars a day) and bread/cereal products. I started eating cereal or porridge in the morning in place of the smoothie, which means I’ve been drinking milk (which I don’t usually have). I’ve been buying bread or rolls to eat with smoked salmon and cream cheese and a sunflower seed or pumpernickel bread that I’ve been eating with peanut butter. I’ve also been eating out more often and invariably I’ve been choosing carb-based meals. Basically I’ve stopped all the good, healthy habits I built up last year and created new, less healthy ones in their place.

It does make me wonder why, after months of eating well and losing weight, it was so easy to slip back into the bad habits.

Changing My Mind to Change My Body


This morning, as I was thinking about writing this post, I got an email about the 30 Day Blaster program from Thin Within. A sign, perhaps? I think I’m going to try it because I know just how important mindset is but I keep getting sucked into the “action” part, without changing my thoughts first. The result is, I lose weight, and then it comes back again. BUT I have realised now that my mindset WHILE I’m losing the weight is very different from the mindset I have when I’m gaining it back.

Marna has an interesting self-assessment questionnaire, from which I could see that I eat mainly out of boredom, in order to procrastinate and to reward myself. It’s also, as she pointed out, a very social thing for women (more so than for men) to eat together. Men might go out for a drink, play golf or cards – or here, go sailing or fishing – but you don’t often see a group of men in a restaurant in a non-business setting, just catching up and enjoying each other’s company the way women do.

I’ve included below the action steps I intend to take – at least, at the moment. I may well change them as I get further into this, because I ultimately want a lifestyle change that fits MY lifestyle – and that includes eating out with friends, enjoying the huge number of excellent restaurants here, and most definitely not feeling guilty about any of it. Instead, I want to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, the way my very slim friend C. does. She eats all kinds of food, drinks wine and has the most amazing figure. I’ve noticed that food simply isn’t a big deal for her, she enjoys it and she loves to cook, but she doesn’t seem to attach any emotional baggage to what or when she eats.

Action Steps


Food: I’m going back to high raw, which suits me and my lifestyle. Fruit and veg are cheap and plentiful here (apart from pineapples, which are waaaay to expensive, and berries, which are almost unobtainable fresh). A green smoothie at mid-morning based on some combination of banana, pear, mango, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, apple (not all at once!) and whatever new exotic fruits I come across, plus romaine lettuce, spinach and parsley for the greens. Late lunch will be an avocado eaten with a spoon or a salad of some kind (Israeli salads are the BEST) and my evening meal will be a baked potato with cottage cheese or hummus, or fish with new potatoes, or some kind of pasta or rice and bean mix, or maybe eggs. It gets VERY hot here in the summer, up to 50C/130F some days, and cooking on those days isn’t an option! Then again, I never feel that hungry in the heat.

Snacks: Crudites with cottage cheese or hummus. 1 Energy bar a day. Fruit (but not bananas – I’m only going to have those in smoothies). I might make some nut cheese.

Bread: I’m going to try making some Ezekiel (sprouted) bread or crackers. If it doesn’t turn out well – I won’t be eating any bread at all. I’m addicted to the stuff and it has more effect on my weight than anything else. I ALWAYS lose weight when I cut bread out.

Treat: One slice of chocolate-covered halva a day. I love the stuff and I usually want something sweet in the evenings. A slice is 1/6 of a 250 g bar. Really high in sugar though, so ultimately I’m looking to eat it less often than daily.

Drinks: In the summer, I get through 4.5 litres of water a day. It’s an absolute necessity here. I drink lemon in hot water in the mornings followed by 2 cups of turkish coffee made in a french press (no milk or sugar). I also drink green and mint tea and last year made sun tea several times.

Alcohol: I don’t drink that much, I certainly average less than one drink a day. I do like a vodka and grapefruit juice when I go to the beach with a girlfriend once a week and some nights I have a glass of red wine when I’m winding down. Maybe once a month I go out “for a drink”, but that’s not really part of the lifestyle here. We go out for a meal, to have fun with friends or to go dancing and we may have a drink while we’re out, but it’s not the main focus of the evening.

Overall, my diet is going to be low on processed foods, and high on fruit and veg, wholemeal rice and beans.

Exercise: I don’t swim (yet) so outdoor cardio is probably out of the question now the temperature’s starting to climb (97F/35C today). I do walk (downhill to the beach) but for any serious cardio I’m going to need to join a gym. Still thinking about that. I definitely want to start/restart yoga and pilates and I’ve made contact with a Nia teacher here who I’m hoping will start classes soon.

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