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Thank You – Your Free Gift

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Check the email address that you just submitted. You’ll find a confirmation request there. This is to make sure the address is correct, and that I am sending the download link to the right person.

Simply click the confirmation link inside the email and you will be taken straight to the download page. The address of the download page will also be emailed to you.

And while you’re waiting … “Wouldn’t You Like to Make Major Changes in Your Life
in Just 16 Minutes a Day?”

“I feel more focused and now seem to know where I am going …”

This is such a great product I used it for the first time yesterday. The confidence it gave me after one session was incrediable.

I feel more focused and now seem to know where I am going and what tasks I need to do to get there. You say give it 28 days and see the difference I know I will be awesome then, but I can only achieve that through your great product.


Unsolicited, unedited testimonial to the hypnotist for one of the mp3s offered here
If like me you love the idea of making big improvements to your life just by relaxing and listening to these audios, then take a look at this very special offer.

Another SEVEN audios that will help you achieve change such as:
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Reach Deeper Levels of Relaxation
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Yes, just by relaxing with your mp3 player or your computer and headphones for 16 minutes a day, you can make positive, lasting changes to your life! These audios use a special induction process to move you into a receptive state very quickly, so you see changes faster and you’re more likely to keep listening.

All these audios are scripted and recorded by a professional hypnotist who sells them every day for a minimum of $27 each or $147 for the package.

However for you, as valued subscribers, I’ve put together a very special welcome pack of all seven audios for the price of one!

That’s right, just $27 for all seven. I promise you that this is the lowest I will EVER offer them.

Risk Free 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it today, risk free! If you buy today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after listening to these audios for just 16 minutes a day you don’t feel your life has changed for the better in any way, just let me know and I’ll refund every cent, no questions asked. I want you to be blissfully happy with your purchase so I’m taking all the risk :)

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