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7 Characteristics of Successful People

While there are many definitions of success, people who self-define themselves as “successful” tend to have certain things in common. If people you want to emulate share several traits, it would make sense to do what you can to develop those same traits in yourself.



1.Successful people dream big
They have an inspiring, motivating dream pulls them forward into the future. They don’t limit themselves only to what other people consider “realistic” or “possible”, they dream as big as they can from where they are, and they adjust their dream as they progress.

2.Successful people have a plan

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “a goal without a plan is just a wish” and successful people don’t indulge in wishful thinking. Not only do they know where they’re going, they have a plan to get there, or at least to take the first steps on their journey. Plans need to be flexible, but you need to get started to see if they’re feasible.

3.Successful people have expertise
They have the knowledge they need to achieve their dream or they know exactly where to get it. Usually they’re expert in one particular field and employ other people for the areas in which they’re less knowledgeable. It’s as important to know what you can’t do as what you can.

4.Successful people work hard
And they do it willingly and with enthusiasm. They don’t get involved in “busyness”, they focus on what’s important and they commit themselves totally to getting it done. They have a laser-like focus and have developed strategies to avoid distractions.

5.Successful people are determined
They don’t take “no” for an answer, nor do they allow problems to discourage them. They accept there will be obstacles and they’re prepared to handle them as they come up by focusing on finding solutions.

6.Successful people are decisive
You can’t be successful by avoiding making decisions. If you don’t make the decisions for your life, someone else will. Those who are most successful make decisions quickly and don’t second-guess themselves afterwards.

7.Successful people take responsibility
They don’t blame other people or circumstances when things appear to go wrong. Instead, they take credit and full responsibility for all successes and failures, because they know that’s the only way to improve.

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  • Slava said:

    There’s something special about highly successful people. They might look like everyone else, but they think and act differently. They set big goals for themselves,

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