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30 Days of Positive Attraction Day 2 – Telling a New Story

Telling a new story

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Today a friend called me and asked if I would give (they said “lend” but they meant “give”) them some money because they hadn’t received their Social Security payment yet. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

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I have a choice how I handle this. It’s a given that I will (in fact already have) sent the money. However, how I think about it, the story I tell about it, is what is going to affect my point of attraction. Will I keep telling the same story? (“It’s not fair! I don’t have much money myself! why should I have to cover the failings of the government? how much of it will go on cigarettes?” etc etc)

You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

And what most of us are thinking about is “what is“, the life we’re actually living right now. So it’s no surprise really that we keep creating more of “what is”, more of the same. We say “things don’t change” but they do, they just keep changing to the same thing, over and over again, because we keep thinking the same thoughts about the same things, over and over again.

Instead of telling the same old story, let’s try a new one. Let’s talk and think about what we want to be true, rather than what is actually true – unless of course what’s true is what we want!

Can I really CHANGE my point of attraction and my set-point around money by changing my thoughts?

Right now I feel annoyed, irritated because this month is going to be really tight for me (oops! old story!)

Nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes form. I want to transmute anger and worry about money INTO money; they can’t exist together but one can change form into the other.

It feels good to be in a position to help someone. I like that he trusted me enough to ask me. I would love for him to know that he has many other paths to abundance, but in the meantime I’m not going to starve and this doesn’t put me in any “danger”. Yes it’s a bit irritating not to be able to plan ahead but that’s really a minor annoyance. Actually, I can plan; I can assume he’s going to need more this month and plan for that so I don’t feel “put upon”, it’s simply part of my regular expenditure.

I want to be able to trust that the Universe will flow money to me as easily as it flows air. There’s no limit on air, I can breathe in as much as I want and let it flow out again as easily. Money is just a form of energy and there are no limits on money. The only limits are mine, i.e. how deeply I breathe it in and allow to come to me and how easily I let it flow through me.

I really like that imagery of breathing money in and out. Taking it further … I can’t breathe in more air until I let some out but I never think about that. I just KNOW that airs flows easily, I can’t hold on to it by holding my breath. In fact holding my breath long enough will eventually cause me to pass out and once I let go of trying to control the breath my body will automatically breath OUT for me! Note that my body’s instinct is to breathe OUT before it breathes in again but some air (oxygen) always remains, I always have the EXACT amount of oxygen in my body that I need, unless I try to control it!

I can see myself as a conduit of money, relaxing to breathe it in and allowing it flow out without any fear, knowing that there’s always more, far more than I need.

Money flows easily to me and I’m happy to share it and to show others how easily it can flow to them as well. There is ALWAYS plenty for all of us.

Today’s Inspired Actions:

As yesterday, I’m intending to become more aware of my emotions but specifically around the subject of money.

When I’m aware of a negative feeling around money:

  • Recognize the story behind it, the unconscious thought/belief (e.g. I don’t have enough for that, it’s going to be a tight month, I can’t afford it, when I have money I spend it, I’ve never been good with money … )
  • Accept that the story I’m telling is what’s creating the reality I’m currently living
  • Pivot – what story would I prefer to live?
  • Take a few seconds to tell the story in a better-feeling way (e.g. I always have enough, the month is a new beginning and I have lots of exciting ideas, money is energy and I’m great at flowing it …)
  • Take another few seconds to breathe and imagine myself as a money conduit

Do you have an old story (about money or something else) that you’d like to change? Let us know in the comments and let’s see if we can come up with a new one for you.

Have a wonderful day! :)

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