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That picture of me was taken in January this year (2010) on the beach near my new home. Yep, where I live now you can sunbathe in January – in fact pretty much all year round. The view from my desk right now is of a deep blue sea, a matching blue sky and mountains in the distance which are tinted the most glorious deep red-gold as the sun sets. I wake up to blue skies and a soft breeze every day, the beach is a 15 min stroll away and I live my life in an (almost) perpetual state of awe and appreciation.

But it wasn’t always like this …

Ok, you knew that was coming, right? After all, this is a blog about self improvement and personal growth so I’d better have done some of each. And believe me, I have and I still am …

So .. it started 11 years ago, May 1999. I was broke. And I mean really broke, no money at all, rent paid to the end of the month and that was it. A relationship had ended badly and I’d trashed my business (I told people I’d sold it, but I hadn’t – I just stopped doing any work until people stopped offering me any), which left me with a large bank loan and a maxed-out credit card. I had no job and no source of income on the horizon. My house had been re-possessed a few years before so my credit was shot to pieces and there was no chance of the bank giving me any more. I was so broke (and so dumb) that my sister, who was bringing up 2 kids on her own, put £20/$30 in an envelope and sent it to me to buy food – and the first thing I bought was a pack of cigarettes.

I have a honors degree from an English university, I was an accountant with my own practice and I’d build a reputation as a damn good trainer. This was definitely not my finest hour!

I hadn’t worked for anyone else for a long time but I was just about bright enough to get down to a local employment agency where I quickly discovered that no one was actually desperate to hire me. However, they did have some work for me and I spent the next 3 days working for minimum wage in a pie factory, putting cardboard lids on frozen pies and then labelling them. You could say I was a specialist (I was too slow to actually make the pies).

I will always be grateful to Brake Bros. because after 3 days there I was so. damn. angry. at myself for getting into this situation that something really shifted inside me. It’s true that the best way to find out what you really do want is to be slap bang in the middle of something you really really don’t want – and I was!

I went online, muttering and cursing to myself, found an recruitment site and furiously applied for the first job I saw that I was remotely qualified for. It paid £50,000/$80,000 a year and I knew without any doubt at all that that job was mine – even though I had to borrow the money for the train fare to the interview and then beg the bank to fund me so I could afford to actually get to work until I got my first paycheck.

Forward to February 2003 and I was getting pretty tired of the 4 hours a day commute. Contrast again brought clarity. I really wanted to work online but I was too tired when I got home at 8pm to start working for myself and I had no savings so I couldn’t just give up that well-paid job. By that time I was deep into studying and using the Law of Attraction so I put that commute to use and within a month my boss had offered me a leaving package that enabled me to work from home for the next year.

Lots of amazing things happened in that year (including £3,000/$5,000 of free money from a totally unexpected source) that I’ll cover in other posts, but at the end of it I still wasn’t earning quite enough from my online work. I took some temporary accounting work and as that came to an end I “happened” to glance at a local paper that I never read and saw the perfect job for me: teaching accounting part-time in a local college.

The next 5 years were some of the most rewarding – and most frustrating – of my life. I discovered I love teaching and (most of) my students were fabulous – motivated, committed and hard-working – and my colleagues were professional, supportive and such fun to be around. Unfortunately the UK educational system and the college management were none of these.

It was time for change and this time the dream was huge – to move abroad to the sun and live the “4 Hour Workweek” lifestyle. Like giving up smoking (which I’d done on January 1 2000, easily and with no cravings), it was a decision that made itself. I just relaxed (well as far as you can relax when you have to sort through all your possessions and fit them into 300 cu ft) and watched as everything fell into place – and suddenly it was December 2009. While the UK was in the middle of one of the coldest winters for years, a few days after Christmas my sister and I hugged each other tearfully and I got on a plane to my new life.

I celebrated New Year on the beach, watching fireworks cascade over my head. 6 months later I live in an apartment in a beautiful villa, I’m learning a new language (luckily for all of us, most people here speak English as well), I’ve made some wonderful friends and I have a fabulous relationship with an amazing man.

If you got this far – wow! thank you :) There’s still more – much more – I want to be, do and have … desire draws energy through me and every day brings more to desire, more to focus on, more inspired action to take. Using the Law of Attraction has enabled me to deliberately create this reality and I’m eager to share with you exactly how I did it – and continue to do it.

I hope my story has inspired you to keep reaching for the life you want and I’d love for you to share your own story here, so together we can continue the journey of getting from where we are to where we want to be.