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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? Let’s Find Out!

When you read that you can attract anything you want by the power of your thoughts, it seems a remarkably easy thing to do. I guess that’s why most people dismiss it; after all, if that’s all it takes then why isn’t everyone living their ideal life? But if you stick with it and keep reading and learning, you come to realize that one of the most important skills in manifesting or deliberate creation is the ability to remain focused.

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By that I don’t mean thinking about your dreams and desires 24/7, that would quickly drive anyone nuts. I mean the ability to take charge of your thoughts and focus them in the direction of what you want consistently. Still sounds simple - and it is – but as you’ll know if you’ve tried it, not so easy.

In fact, most of the material online about deliberate creation seems to be addressing the same problem: people aren’t getting the results they want because the information that’s available is too vague and they don’t know what to do.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction originally through Susan James and from her to Lynn Grabhorn and finally in 2002 – from a tiny footnote in Lynn’s book “Excuse Me! Your Life is Waiting” – to Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. Once I got there I realised my search was over and Abraham-Hicks has remained my #1 “flavor” of LOA for the last 8 years. You can find out what I’ve achieved in that time and the lifestyle I have now from the About page on this site, but a quick summary would be that since 2003 my life has got better and better and 6 months ago I left the UK to live the life of my dreams in a villa by the Red Sea.

My journey didn’t follow a straight line and I made lots of mistakes. Actually Abraham would say “you can’t get it wrong because you never get it done” and each of those mistakes gave me a new perspective and a new jumping-off point. As another friend of mine likes to say “the journey is the destination”  (his name is Daniel “Windwalker” Walsh and you’ll be hearing a lot more about him and his billion-dollar manifestations over the next few weeks) and each manifestation was feedback on what my thoughts had been up to that point and a new opportunity to tweak and tune them to bring me back on course if necessary.

Of course I know the Law of Attraction works – it’s how I got here :)  But now I’m ready to take it – and my life – to the next level.

I’ve been here exactly 6 months, we’re halfway through the year and it seems like a good time to start one of the Challenges that I set myself occasionally. This one is going to be 30 Days of Positive Attraction – or if you like, 30 days of aligning my thoughts and refining my focus. I’ll be posting each morning on what my intentions are for the day and what process or technique I’m going to be using; and in the evening (or early the next morning for some of you) I’ll post an update on how the day went and anything momentous that happened.

I’m going to be focusing my intentions in the areas of Abundance, Mind, Body, Spirit and Relationships and using a different process each day of the week. To be clear, the goal is to feel as good as I can for the next 30 days and see what manifests as a result :)

Feel free to jump in at any point with your comments, feedback, stories, advice or questions; how about using this as an opportunity to start your own journey to attracting the life you want?

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  • Jeanie said:

    Impressive! It is so nice to find this page! Sometimes it is difficult to find other people with similar likes and dislikes as me, and therefore, enjoy the same stuff as I do. I also love the law of attraction cd collection. I hope other people find your site as pleasurable I have.

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